Monday, January 12, 2009


This is our HUGE Taylor family at our annual Family Christmas Party. We only had about 20 people missing in this pic...... we had so much fun!!!

Who says you can't make cute outfits out of $1 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper???

We had a ginger bread house contest.....

I can't believe our family didn't win!


Mutt and Karlee Hall said...

I'm so sad I missed this party! If my family had been there- there would have only been 14 people missing, Oh' Well!! That picture is crazy...we sure have a big family!

{ashley b} said...

Wow! Your family is huge! I can't imagine... ha ha I honestly don't think that there is anything better than a big family. I wouldn't have it any other way. You look so gorgeous in that picture by the way. I'm glad you have a blog so I can sneak by every once in a while. :)

Beth Benson said...

Hey can you give kira this info for me... Mary (stepp) evans is organizing our 10 yr high school reunion thats coming up this summer. She wanted me to give out her email address for people to get in contact with her.
If you could have her email mary or give her my email address and tell her to contact me if she wanted to too. that would be great.

thanks so much!
Beth Benson

Amanda said...

Man you have a big family! Isn't so fun. I love how you have a blog.. Looks like you guys had a good Christmas.. Your grandkids are so cute.. They have the best Grandma :) I miss you guys.. Tell Randy I said HI